High Sierra Dent Company Services

High Sierra Dent Company offers services in the Northern Nevada area including but are not limited to; Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Fallon, Dayton.

Automotive Dealerships require vendors that do a variety of different repairs to vehicles in their used car inventory. High Sierra Dent Company offers the service of Paintless Dent Repair and minor auto body repair to these dealerships. The business also offers these services to private individuals.

paintless dent repairPaintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Damage that fits into the parameters of PDR can range from pee size dings to watermelon size dents, the size in relation to the depth of a dent or ding determines if the damage falls into PDR parameters. Some other factors include; is the paint damaged? Is the panel wrinkled?

hail damage repairHail Damage Repair

Hail damage can be a time-consuming and costly repair that in the past could only be repaired in body shops. However, insurance companies and vechicle owners now turn to Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) as the preferred solution, and for good reasons.

  1. 1. PDR does not disturb the factory paint on the vehicle.
  2. 2. We can normally complete the repair in a day or two rather than a week or more.
  3. 3. The cost of PDR is significantly less.


headlight restorationHeadlight Restoration

Your headlight covers are aging rapidly. Nothing makes a car look older and more poorly maintained than a pair of hazy, yellow headlights. Make your car look new and young again with a facelift...restored crystal clear headlights. Taking years off your car headlights dramatically improves your vehicle's appearance, resale value, and helps sell your car faster.

headlight restorationInterior Restoration

High Sierra Dent now offers interior restoration on your leather, fabric, vinyl and wood interiors!
Leather Repairs: cuts, tears & rips, scratches & scrapes, ground in stains, burns, ink & color stains and stitching defects.
Vinyl Repairs: cuts, tears & rips, scratches, burns, ink & other color stains and stitching defects.